My Sister is Growing but Not Me :(

My “little sister” is not so little anymore. She is now doubled my body weight! It’s not fair that she keeps getting bigger, yet I remain the same size. It has me scratching my head. I have so many questions. Why am I not growing anymore? Does it mean I will be as small asContinue reading “My Sister is Growing but Not Me :(“

It is still here

This strange little nugget has been in my home for one entire month now and it doesn’t seem like she’ll be leaving any time soon. She has grown bigger. Supposedly she now weighs more than I do. It’ll be a matter of time before she eats me alive! When we go for walks as aContinue reading “It is still here”

Strange Confusing Times

I’ve been a little MIA from the internet lately. My apologies. It’s been quite hectic around here. A couple days ago, this strange little creature appeared in my home without my consent. It appears to be a miniature human. Supposedly, it is my little sister. Guess I am now the big girl. 🙂

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