Half a Decade Old!

I am turning into an old bitch. As of today I am 5 years old. My papa’s present to me was this delicious custom-made treat made of my favorite things! Fried bananas and melted aged cheddar cheese! The picture alone makes me lick my lips and drool. Yummy! 🙂 Here I am devouring it. SeeContinue reading “Half a Decade Old!”

Strange Confusing Times

I’ve been a little MIA from the internet lately. My apologies. It’s been quite hectic around here. A couple days ago, this strange little creature appeared in my home without my consent. It appears to be a miniature human. Supposedly, it is my little sister. Guess I am now the big girl. 🙂

The Origin of My Name

Most people that meet me tend to assume that I was named Digsy because I like to dig. While I do in fact enjoy digging, it has nothing to do with my name. Actually, my name comes from an Oasis song, titled “Digsy’s dinner”. Yes, that was the same band that did “Wonderwall”. My songContinue reading “The Origin of My Name”

My Blood Family and Puppyhood

Above: An old photo of me with my sister at a young age.Can you guess which one is me? Since my website doesn’t include a biography page, I want to share some details about my blood family and early life. I’m sure you are all aware that I am not related to my current familyContinue reading “My Blood Family and Puppyhood”

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