Dispelling the myth that dogs can’t use social media

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There’s just so much misinformation on the internet these days.

Today, I want to address a particularly offensive subreddit that has caught my attention. Somebody by the name mildhotsauce claimed, “Dogs can’t use phones, dogs don’t give a shit about Instagram”.

Here it is:

Reddit ppost claiming dogs don't use phones or care about Instagram.

Here is another ignorant comment:

That’s just nonsense. I do not write like a “retarded person”; I write like a very smart dog. At least I make grammatically correct sentences. So look who’s talking. Tip: If you begin a sentence with “especially”, use a supporting clause after it. P.S. If you’re so sure that “a dog doesn’t think like that”, I suggest you read “White Fang” or watch “A dog’s Purpose”. Dogs are more intelligent and thoughtful than you think. We are able to detect cancer and seizures after all. Can a “retarded person” do that?

Lastly, if you think dogs can’t use phones, why don’t you look at this?

Or this?

Even yours truly uses a computer.

The fact is that there is insufficient evidence to prove that dogs CANNOT use technology. So the verdict is inconclusive at the very least. I am the author of this blog and I post on my own social media. Period.

Don’t talk trash because you are jealous we have more followers than you!

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