The Origin of My Name

Most people that meet me tend to assume that I was named Digsy because I like to dig. While I do in fact enjoy digging, it has nothing to do with my name. Actually, my name comes from an Oasis song, titled “Digsy’s dinner”. Yes, that was the same band that did “Wonderwall”. My song was never nearly as popular; many Oasis fans may think of it as a random filler track on their Definitely Maybe album, but I guess it’s good enough for me to be named after it. The lyrics don’t include any direct references to “Digsy”, so you wouldn’t be able to associate it with me when you hear it.

Random fact: The person named Digsy, who I refer to as @digsythehuman, was a friend of guitarist/songwriter Noel Gallagher, who used to go over to his house to hang out over tea and lasagna. By the way, I don’t eat lasagna. It is human food, which might give me non-stop shits!

Papa is a big Oasis fan, which I suppose makes mama and myself fans by default.

Now finally, here is my song. Enjoy!

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My name is Digsy. I am a Shih Tzu Instagram celebrity

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