Oh No! My Twitter account is locked!

Email from Twitter specifying that you must be at least "13 years" of age to use Twitter.

Donald Trump and I have one thing in common. We were both kicked off Twitter! It’s the reason why I’ve been MIA from Twitter recently. Supposedly, I don’t meet the minimum age requirement to use Twitter. They are wrong and I am pissed!

Let me show you the email they sent me here:

What infuriates me about this messaging is they don’t specify whether they mean 13 years old in dog years or human years! Based on this guide chart, I am well over 13 years old in dog years!

I think it’s time Twitter review its policies considering that many dogs these days use social media, just like humans. In fact, we tend to have a lot more followers! I know you’re jealous but don’t shut down my profile!

My Instagram and Facebook accounts are still active and I will continue to update you regarding the status of my Twitter account.

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