My Blood Family and Puppyhood

Digsy and her sister as puppies, both sitting on hardwood floor staring at the camera.

Above: An old photo of me with my sister at a young age.
Can you guess which one is me?

Since my website doesn’t include a biography page, I want to share some details about my blood family and early life. I’m sure you are all aware that I am not related to my current family by blood. My blood parents were both Shih Tzus, which makes me a purebred Shih Tzu, I guess. Like me, my blood father was on the smaller end of the size spectrum for our breed (slightly under 10 lbs) and he had a solid white coat like mine.

Oh by the way, here is my blood father.

Picture of Digsy's blood father, a small white Shih Tzu with large black eyes traring at the camera. Hardwood floor and puppy gate in background.
Is he as handsome as my human papa?

My blood mother had a ginger coat, which explains why I looked so different as a puppy, before I lost all my colours. Now I look like a girl version of my blood father. 🙁

By the way, here is my blood mother and her ginger coat.

Digsy's blood mother, a chubby liver Shhih Tzu with thickliver colour coat. Fur on top of her head is tied like a show dog's.
Doesn’t she look like a show dog?

I spent the first eight weeks of my life in Innisfill, Ontario, with my sister and two brothers. I was the alpha of the pack (at least they say I was).

Soon, my current family picked me up and took me on a long car ride to my permanent home. This home had lots of toys and other nice things to chew on, such as shoes and paper towel rolls.

Here is a video that sums up the first few weeks with my current family.

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