Finally My First Post!

Hello World!

Happy New Year!

The beginning of each new year brings an opportunity to restart from a blank slate. It’s the time of year that everybody, like myself, is motivated to pursue new hobbies and projects. Thus, I have taken up blogging. It took me a few days to figure out how to reach the keyboard with my short front legs, get my typing speed up to 100 wpm with my paws, fully utilize the various plugins and widgets on WordPress, and to make sure I don’t accidentally post on the wrong blog. I was a little grumpy getting out of bed this morning, but but once I got going I had a quick breakfast (I eat really fast!) then papa and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood. Now, here I am writing the inaugural post for my highly anticipated blog! Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more updates on my experiences and adventures over the year! Make sure you hit “Subscribe” if you’re interested in what else is on my mind.

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